Consultancy Services For Protect Duty

Our Consultants are Suitably Qualified and Experienced and are able to deliver a comprehensive and tailored Protective Threat and Risk Assessment (PTRA). The PTRA will include:

An Online Vulnerability Assessment (OVA), utilising Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills to identify vulnerabilities of your organisation freely available to threat actors on the internet and wider;

An assessment of your Physical Security Control Measures;

Review of your Incident Management and Response plans;

Analysis of Governance, Compliance and Risk in your organisation;

Procedural Security assessment.

Video Consultancy Session

We offer a 30min consultancy session with one of our qualified and experienced assessment consultants. This will allow you to:

Have easy access to experts in the requirements laid out in the Protect Duty;
Receive a detailed appraisal of action points to help you in your compliance journey;
Review of your Incident Management and Response plans;
Assist you in completing the Protect Resolve's Digital PTRA Toolkit.
protect resolve - digital toolkit image (2)

Digital ToolKit For Protect Duty Compliancy

Get Prepared With Our Easy To Download and Digest Digital Toolkit

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